Powerful event planning, management and analytics features inside a simple, elegant web-based application.


Event Dashboards

See all of your event data in one place with the key stats that matter to you highlighted.

Customisable Templates

Use our feature rich email template editor to create beautiful event emails and invitations.

Centralised Contact List

Import or create a central list of your contacts that can be used across all of your events.

Guest Lists

Create customised guest lists per event


Powerful Email Tracking

See real-time stats on your guest emails - Opens, Clicks and guest responses all attached to an individual guest timeline.

Collaborate with your Team Members

Add team members to your events to collaborate on invite designs, guest lists and budget tasks.

Schedule Tasks

You don't need to be using ToEvent to benefit from it's features. Schedule tasks against your events to automate invitations, reminders and appreciation messages.

Create Name Badges

ToEvent comes pre-loaded with a variety of event stationery that you can create with a click. Easily customise these templates with your logo and branding to add a professional touch to your events.


Track Expenditure

Record key event financial details and use these to analyse the perfomance of your events versus your budgets.


Create detailed reports on your events using the key data that ToEvent captures. Guest statistics, Attendance and Financial reports can be created with a click.


Analyse guest behaviour and financial performance to make informed decisions about how you can better manage your events.


Learn from your analysis and adapt your events strategy based on the facts and figures at your fingertips.